Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What is a Winkel?

On January 12, Living Word hosted a Winkel for the pastors of the North Oakland and Kensington Circuits of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. The Winkel rotates from church to church, allowing each congregation to serve as host about every two years. The Winkel was attended by 14 pastors and two deacons. We spent time in fellowship, time in Bible Study (Topic: Time Management from a Biblical Perspective), and time in worship. After celebrating the Lords’ Supper we broke bread together with a nice meal from Olive Garden.
When Living Word hosts the Winkel, the school faculty and students graciously accommodate the pastors. Students give up their lunch room for the day and the multipurpose area for the day. The pastors are always impressed with the behavior of the students. And the pastors are always awed by the well kept facility that houses our church and school.
At this Winkel we shared worship Living Word’s way; that is, without hymnals and bulletins. The pastors were quite at home with the worship presentation and warmed up to the music (played by Terry Baughman) and the message (shared by me).
And … what does Winkel mean? No one seems to know exactly. Wikipedia indicates that the word is obsolete. Hopefully, that does not reflect on the pastors who gather for fellowship and study each month at their Winkel!

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